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Looking For A New Ceiling For Your Home? New Ceiling Options 

You’re lying on the couch, and you happen to look up, and that’s when it catches your eye! 

Your bedroom ceiling is sagging a bit, and it’s evident that the cornices are out of plumb. As soon as you notice it, all you see is the sloping ceiling every time you enter the room.

The Sunshine Coast has some extremely humid months and year-round humidity greater than usual.

Thus, the Sunshine Coast’s warm and wet summer and humid months affect the appearance of the ceiling. Standard plasterboard, commonly used for walls and ceilings in colder climates, is not as durable as other plasterboards.

Why does the ceiling sag?

The reasons for your ceiling sagging may be that the ceiling joists are more than 600 mm wide or that the gypsum board has to support a certain weight.

Perhaps the ceiling insulation is not fitted properly and is resting on the gypsum board, or you have installed new ceiling lights that add weight, or you have installed new ceiling fans.

All of these add to the weight pressing on the gypsum board.

Or perhaps the Sunshine Coast storms have caused water damage that has weakened an area. Many people don’t know that the Sunshine Coast has had a wild history of hurricanes followed by relative calm since about the 1980s, but Professor Nott warned that the future would not be so calm. So, you should be prepared for the worst. 

sunshine coast ceilings
Sagging Ceiling

Plasterboard on the ceiling

Once the new ceiling is installed, there are special ceiling plasterboards. These boards are still 10 mm thick but have perfect performance to weight ratio, meaning greater strength for much less weight. The Gyprock brand offers these ceiling boards as an option, and we love the result they give to a ceiling with a clear finish.

These plasterboards are perfect for all residential and commercial ceilings that are not exposed to high moisture levels, such as bathrooms.At Sunshine Coast Plastering, we ensure that the plasters and materials we use are suitable for any building area.

What ceilings and cornices options do you have?

Now that you know what sort of plasterboard is appropriate for your new ceiling, have you considered the many finishes you can create?

Smooth Ceiling

A smooth ceiling is the most common and sometimes the only option when room height is limited. The ceiling is made of flat plasterboard and is usually painted white or the same colour as the walls and cornices (if white paint has been used). The plasterboard is attached to an aluminum frame or wooden slats.


Cornices are recommended to avoid gaps at seams or joints in the walls and ceiling. 
If you don’t need cornices, you can consider a square ceiling, but this comes at an additional cost. However, if you have decided to use a cornice, 90 mm cornices are the standard choice and will always make a ceiling and wall joint look finished.

If you have a home with a distinctive style, ceilings and cornices play an important role in the overall aesthetic. The ceilings in many of these homes are quite high, and ornate finials give the room a fantastic overall look.

You may want decorative cornices, and there are hundreds of design options.

decoartive cornice
Cornice Work Sunshine Coast

Decorative Plasterboard

Decorative drywall is also an option and adds accents to a room’s ceiling. The drywall is preformed and unpainted, and installation requires some skill.
The Sunshine Coast Plastering team is very experienced in working with all types of ceilings and product options.

P50 Shadowline

If you prefer a more modern finish, you can also use a “P50 Shadowline”, which looks like a floating ceiling. In this case, the shadowline must be applied prior to drywall installation.

Seek advice from plaster experts using Gyprock products suitable for the Sunshine Coast conditions. 
This way, you’ll get a perfect ceiling with no obvious bulges or lumps when you look up.

At Sunshine Coast Plastering, we pride ourselves on looking after our customers by giving them good advice and ensuring that they get good value for their money and peace of mind that the project has been done correctly.

Contact us now to install a new ceiling at your place. 

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