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A Sagging Ceiling – What To Do?

We obtain many demands to price quote for a brand-new ceiling as the plasterboard ceiling is drooping and also looks unsightly and harmful.
Frequently a sag in the ceiling is not seen until it does look risky.
One point that is very easy to deal with is a sagging ceiling when you catch it early sufficient.
A moderately sagging ceiling does not always need to be replaced and it can be relatively straight forward to reattach it

Warning Signs Of A Ceiling That Is Drooping

You may see some visual fracturing around where the walls as well as cornices meet.
The ceiling has some signs of coming away from the walls – you will see gaps next to the walls

An easy way of recognizing if you have actually plasterboard beginning to sag is by simply pushing the area of ceiling up.
After that it has actually begun to come away from the ceiling joists, if you can move it upwards and you will be able to lift it.

A ceiling that is about to sag gives no real indication until it starts to happen
You may have had a building assessor to look at your home before you purchased it . They may have picked up some problems with the battens or beam spacings in the roof but you cannot tell if the adhesives have been applied correctly or when they are starting to come away until you can see that the boards have come away from the framework

When you see it early enough, it can be easy to remedy a sagging ceiling.
Also a moderately sagging ceiling, while it does not necessarily need to be replaced. It can be reattached but this is where you will have to weight up the cost of repair or replace.

Do You Fix It Or Replace It

Plasterboard is generally connected to framework by adhesives and drywall screws or nails.
Plasterboard looks fairly lightweight however it is a heavy material.
When it is a fixed to a wall surface, the weight of the plasterboard is more equally dispersed yet when attached to the ceiling it does need a great deal more care in exactly how it is connected.
A ceiling is defying gravity and that heavy plasterboard sheet needs to be securely fastened.
If a ceiling collapse happens– It is several hundred kilos of building materials dropping down plus the ceiling insulation and years of dirt and dust. In Queensland there may also be a carpet python or two as well.

Factors for Plasterboard Ceilings to Sag

Plasterboard ceiling can begin to come away from the structure for a variety of factors, consisting of:

  • Poor initial setup creating ceiling failing
  • Weight on the plasterboards from above in the ceiling cavity. We have seen this happen due to carpet pythons being on the plasterboards and adding weight.
  • Excess moisture or water damages causing weak point in the layers in the gyprock
  • Structural movement creating the hardwood framework to move
  • Excess vibrations from nearby building and construction work, railway or even remote roller garage door
  • Termite damage– This will certainly call for treatment and also significant repair work.
  • Water damage– If water has seeped into the roof and even extreme dampness which begins trigger swelling of the plasterboard sheets

Ceilings And Gravity

We mentioned before that ceiling plaster is heavy. A typical sheet of plasterboard weighs over 50kg and also it requires to be attached correctly.
With time the forces of gravity can loosen nails as well as screws Overtime adhesive can begin to deteriorate and also the boards come away from the battens.
When a section of board starts to come away it starts to put stress on the remainder of the board and also the screws and glue that is holding it in position. It starts a cause and effect and also ultimately the whole length ends up being removed.

Fixing the Ceiling

Option 1– Total Ceiling Substitute

This needs to happen when the ceiling sheets have become too bowed or misshaped which happens due to length of time the sheet has actually been bending downwards.If it is not replaced, the house owner will have a complete ceiling collapse. The old plasterboard ceiling and also cornice will certainly need to be eliminated before mounting brand-new sheets. Added repair work to the support walls maybe required if they are showing indicators of damage.

New cornices will certainly be added along with the requirement for any kind of additional tons bearing lumber frameworks if it is not spaced out in the proper spacing demands

Option 2– Straightforward Repair works

If the sagging area is only a small section or the sagging is seen early. It is simple to position brand-new screws into the boards as well as reattach it to the battens. Screwing the sheets at 300mm periods will to pull the plasterboard back right into place as well as fix it securely to the ceiling beams. The entire repair service process can be carried out in under an hour. When the area is completely dry, the screws concealed, the ceiling can be repainted

Option 3– Major Fixes

If new screws placed into the drooping location are not holding and popping out then you can make use of battens or supports to hold the plasterboard sheets flattened out and right into location. The boards should have glue reapplied from above as well as screws being used to hold it in place.
Supports will be needed to hold the plaster sheets securely into place while the boards get pushed back straight and the glue is allowed to dry. It is normally left for a week to be reset You may need to evaluate up the price as well as time for this to be done and it may work out to be much easier to replace the whole ceiling.

Option 4– The Cover Pp

If you have high set ceilings you could choose for a cover up and also by that we suggest to leave the existing ceiling in place and just construct a new ceiling below it..Doing this will decrease your ceiling elevation by around 300mm.
The benefit of this technique is it will conserve time, mess as well as enable the existing insulation to continue to be in position and also save money on tidy up as well as tip fees when dealing with the old plasterboard.

Ceiling Repair Work And Also Replacement

If you have a problem with your ceiling, ask about the options.Occasionally a ceiling fixing is feasible and also other times changing the ceiling will be more cost effective.
To have your drooping ceiling dealt with or replaced– Get in touch with with Coast Plastering

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