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New plasterboard once painted will add value to your property, and our interior plastering services may help raise your home’s value.
We are available for all plastering work and renovation projects, including remodelling walls and ceilings, as well as improving the interiors of bathrooms and kitchens. We love being involved in the renovation or restoration work of Queenslanders.

Renovation work
Renovation work

Plastering Services for Renovations

We professionally plaster walls and ceilings. If you’re considering renovating or expanding your house in the Sunshine Coast region, we can assist with your plastering requirements. Whether you’re constructing something new, renovating an existing structure, or repairing something broken, we can assist you. We have carpenters and painters on our team so we can do more than the plasterboard installation.
Coast Plastering are well-known residential and commercial plasterers in Queensland, with a reputation for exceptional workmanship and customer service.

Different Types Of Plastering

What Will Suit Your Home?

Different techniques that a plasterer uses. There are two types of materials used in plastering – plaster-based materials and good old cement. While plaster is more suitable for indoor use as it does not tolerate moisture well, cement is a tried and tested material that can be used indoors and outdoors. Many points can help you achieve artistic plastering.

Plasterboard or Drywall: This is an interior plastering technique that uses boards to cover the walls of your room. The boards is a synthetic material with a greenish tint. The plasterboards are screwed to the wall, and the joints between the board and the wall are plastered and smoothed. Plasterboards come in different ranges for different conditions. Such as four sound proofing, wet areas or fire resistance factors.

Veneer plaster: Similar to to the plasterboard technique, the walls are covered with plasterboard. However, the plasterer does not just plaster the joints but the entire boards. Instead, a very thin layer of plaster or cement is used You can give your wall a different look with veneer plaster. Textured surfaces are very fashionable today. Another type of veneer plaster that is becoming increasingly popular is Venetian veneer plaster. As the name suggests, this type of plastering technique gives your home an old-fashioned look.

Exterior plastering : There are different types of exterior plaster, which is also called stucco. The rough plaster looks like a stone wall, the trowelled plaster that gives the finishing touch, the coloured exterior plaster where lime oxide is used so that the surface can be finished in beautiful colours.
There is also pebble plaster, where small pebbles are used in the finish to give a chic look.

Rough plastering: This technique was widely used among stucco artists at the end of the 20th century. It consists of a coarse mixture of pebbles, shells, sand and cement thrown onto the wall with a trowel. With this technique, the entire wall is evenly covered with the mixture. However, because the mixture is coarse, it gives your walls a rough, almost rustic look. Although this technique is no longer prevalent today, it is still used in country houses.

Modern stucco: This technique is used by a stucco plasterer for exterior plaster. It is a mixture of lime, cement, water and sand. The plasterer determines the ratio of the materials. The mixture should be smooth, unlike roughcast.

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