Decorative Ceilings

Decorative Ceilings Are A Major Room Feature

When renovating an older-style home, homeowners may overlook the largest area in a home, the ceiling! With the highest ceilings in the main rooms, you will have a chance to add some design flair and create a show-stopping room with the best plaster elements.

The ceiling is the most visible design feature in every home. A ceiling needs to be finished smoothly, painted well, and not have any sagging. You cannot cover up ceiling faults with wallpaper or soft furnishings.

We do all aspects of plastering from level 4 to 5Specialising in Dome ceilings, Oramnetial panels, Ornamental cornices.

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Consider The Ceiling Height

High-ceilinged rooms suit more decorative and wider cornices. A room with a standard ceiling height is better suited to use a narrower cornice. This will prevent the room from looking even smaller. You can still use classic cornice designs for a low set ceiling,  such as the classic C Shape or sleek S Shape.

Room Height Measurements

Once you have decided on the cornice style, you will need different widths depending on the room’s ceiling height. A great guideline is below – you will need to write down each room’s ceiling height.

Ceilings heights and cornice size

4.3 meters and above use a 200mm cornice
2.75 meters and above use 90mm to 120mm
2.75 meters and below use 50mm to 70mm
Narrow cornices can be added to the tops of built-in wall units or cupboards.

Additional Plaster Features and Plaster Trims

Once your cornices have been chosen, some rooms will benefit from having extra decorative plaster features to be used in conjunction with them. Some ideas:
Decorative air vents
Corbels Ceiling roses or sometimes called Ceiling Centers – Dependent upon your light fitting selection
Ceiling panels – Dependent upon your light fitting selection
Coast Plastering is experienced with renovation and restoration work.
We love installing decorative cornice pieces. It is the most satisfying feeling to work on a home that has found its former glory.

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Ornamental Plaster Installation By Qualified Plasterers Ensures A Quality Finish

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